Marrying Too Young Can Lead to Divorce

There are many reasons why a couple is divorcing. It could be a lack of fidelity, lack of intimacy or that they have simply grown apart. According to Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers at Petrelli Previtera, one of the most common causes of divorce is that the couple married at a young age. In fact, couples in their 20s face the largest rates of divorce, with nearly half of all divorces occurring before the ten year mark of the marriage.


So why does marrying at a young age cause divorce? There are quite a few reasons that could affect young married couples. One of the most common is money. In many cases, people who get married young may not be fully settled into their careers and have yet to reach a favorable income. This can cause a strain on the marriage as the couple is not secure with their financial situation, causing added stress and arguments. To add to the financial woes, couples who marry at a younger age tend to have children sooner than other couples. Not only will starting a family create a financial challenge for young couples, it can cause communication issues for the couple when it comes to parenting decisions. These conversations can put a heavy burden on the shoulders of younger parents, driving a wedge between them.


Another issue facing young couples is that they often lack the experience that more established, older couples have. All couples are different, but many young couples are not accustomed to making decisions that impact their spouse. If they have not had a previous long relationship, they have not had the experience making decisions that affect more than just themselves. These types of decisions for younger individuals typically involve moving for a new career opportunity and making larger purchases on items like a new home or a car.


Over the years, we have worked with many individuals who have divorced because they have married too young. The good thing is that they realized that they were unhappy and understood that they had plenty of time left to find happiness. Our team of family law attorneys are here to help you move on from your unhappy marriage and on to a rewarding life. Get started today by scheduling your consultation.